Why take the ARC Course?

First and foremost, being a qualified ARC Lifeguard will greatly enhance your chances of being placed! The American Red Cross Waterfront Lifeguard qualification is recognised and accepted through all 50 US States as sufficient certification to work at a camp waterfront. You would therefore possess skills that are extremely high in demand, at summer camp! If successful it will also qualify you as one of our Advanced Skills Counsellors, which means you get paid a bit more!

Is the course difficult?

The difficulty of the course really depends on your skills as a swimmer and your ability to learn and retain information. The course is challenging and demands a degree of time and energy. The courses are held over five days (consecutive or 2 weekends depending on location) and there is a good deal of time spent in the pool as well as in the classroom. Although the courses are demanding, the instructors are there to help you pass and a confident lifeguard on camp and we have a very good success rate.

Do I need any experience/qualifications?

The answer is NO! You do not need any previous lifeguard or swimming certifications to take an ARC Waterfront Lifeguard course. You should simply be a strong swimmer, meet pre-swimming requirements and have a desire to improve your skills. However, it is certainly to your advantage if you do hold a qualification such as the Bronze Medallion, or NPLQ as the ARC LG course teaches similar aspects of lifeguarding. 

Does it guarantee me a placement?

The quick answer is, it doesn't guarantee you a placement at camp but it will greatly enhance your placement chances. It also depends on the time of season you may be offered a placement. A camp may place you ahead of our courses and ask that you sign up to complete the qualification prior to departing. You can sign up to the course whilst your application is in circulation and we will let all potential camps know that you will hopefully have successfully passed before you leave for the summer. You do have to have completed your application and passed your interview to apply.

Emma's ARC Experience...This is my third year doing the Camp America programme being a lifeguard all 3 years! Seriously it's the best job on camp! Fun in the sun is the only way to describe this role. I have done the ARC Lifeguarding Course twice now to be re-certified for this year and the course is an experience in itself, it sets you up for a fun summer ahead working on the waterfront (both lake and pool) at camp. Informative, interesting and inspirational. Emma - Returnee & Interviewer

Important Information

Before you complete an application form for an ARC course we recommend that you read through this information first. Click here for more information regarding the course and what is expected of you to pass.

Travel/accommodation for the courses is not included. Upon registering for either course, we will send you recommendations of places to stay and travel directions to each venue. We will also aim to put you in touch with other participants, prior to the course starting, via our Facebook group. This will hopefully help to plan travel and accommodation, as well as getting to know your fellow Lifeguard trainees!

Spaces are limited and we operate on a first come first served basis. To secure your spot on the ARC Lifeguard course, please complete the enrolment form and return a scanned copy via email to Dan Pugh at dpugh@campamerica.co.uk. Once received, the course fee will be added to your Camp America Direct account. Upon receipt of your ARC fee you will receive confirmation you have been enrolled onto the course. This course is only open to active participants on the Camp America programme.

Dates and locations to be announced.

For more information and for any questions regarding the ARC courses please contact Dan on dpugh@campamerica.co.uk


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