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We can’t reiterate enough that unsuitable references are the main cause of applications being kept on hold!  It is important this unnecessary delay is reduced. Camp America is very strict on reference requirements.  References failing to meet all of the requirements will not be accepted. 

You will need to provide the contact details for at least TWO referees. Here are some notes about references.


1. You must supply the contact details of at least TWO Referees.

2. The Referees must have known you in a PROFESSIONAL, SUPERVISORY or EDUCATIONAL CAPACITY, preferably for at least 6 months during the past 12 months. However, we may be able to accept a reference from someone who has recent, extensive, professional contact with you which may be for less than 6 months. We cannot accept any references from family members / family friends / friends or work colleagues on the same level.  This also includes people who have known you in an unsuitable role such as a Dentist / Doctor / Financial Advisor etc.  Your Referee should be an individual who has known you in a Supervisory role or Mentor (Teacher / Tutor / Lecturer / Employee / Manager / Coach / Youth Group Leader / Church Leader).

3. Referees who know you from babysitting, child-minding or Au Pair work cannot be accepted as either of the two mandatory references, but may be submitted as CERTIFICATES to any skill area and marked as ADDITIONAL REFERENCES.

4. You MUST nominate a Referee from your current College/University or employer. If this is not possible, please contact your interviewer to discuss the matter.

5. Any references which would benefit the application such as voluntary work/work experience lasting only a brief time can be accepted but only as an ADDITIONAL REFERENCE. This can be uploaded as a CERTIFICATE to any skill area.

6. The referees you provide details for MUST have some knowledge as to your recent activities, to ensure they can give an accurate assessment of your suitability for the programme.


In summary: Referees may not be a close friend, a member of your family or a relative. The Referee must preferably have had professional, supervisory or educational contact with your for at least 6 months during the past year, although shorter periods of extensive contact may be acceptable. The full contact details (name, address, phone, fax, email) of the Referee must be included in your application form.


IMPORTANT: You MUST complete the Referee section of the application form for each Referee. The details you include in the form are used by the staff in the London Office to request a reference. WE DO NOT NEED YOU TO GAIN THE REFERENCE - CAMP AMERICA WILL DO THIS and UPLOAD IT TO YOUR APPLICATION.


COUNSELLOR APPLICANTS: If you are making a Counsellor application, one Referee should be supportive of your experience of working with youngsters in a formal setting and if possible, be able to give details of your duties and dates of the experiences. One should be supportive of your level of expertise in one of your major skills/activity areas and include details of any situation where you have used your skills with youngsters (dates/locations) and of any awards you hold in this area. Alternatively, one may be a character reference, but this will not be as helpful as either of the two mentioned previously.


If you really want to work on a Religious Camp, one Referee should be from your Pastor, Minister, Church Leader or Rabbi who can support your commitment to your faith.


If you really want to work on a Special Needs Camp, one Referee should be from your last period of work that was related to working with Special Needs groups.


CAMPOWER APPLICANTS: If you are making a Campower application, you should try to provide at least one work-related Referee. If this proves difficult, you may substitute the work Referee with a character Referee. One Referee MUST be from your College/University that confirms you are a full-time student and will be returning to continue your course in the autumn after your return from the USA. If you have only recently joined University / College, you should provide details from your previous educational establishment.


Campower applicants may be placed on any type of camp, including Religious or Special Needs.


These pages are designed to assist potential and current Camp America applicants. These pages and the views expressed here are not endorsed by Camp America or AIFS. If you find something that is incorrect or feel that something should be added, please contact me. Tim Swale-Jarman